Running a global business is complex and requires a vision about the long strategy for the firm as well as the structure and composition of our leadership team. Our Executive Committee is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds in industry, finance, law and investment management. Its function is to serve as a sounding board for our Principals and senior management, as well as to help institutionalize the firm and our approach to succession planning. Other initiatives in recent years to institutionalize the firm include expansion of our Investment Committee and establishment of a pre-investment committee "peer review" process led by our Managing Directors and Senior Vice Presidents.

Executive Committee  

  1. R. Blair Thomas
  2. Randall S. Wade
  3. Jean-Daniel Borgeaud
  4. Derek Lemke-von Ammon
  5. Linda Cook
  6. Robert Vitale
  7. Richard Punches
  8. Andrew Ellenbogen
  9. Rick Caplan